KOREAN RED PANAX GINSENG with Extra Strength Ginsenosides | 60 servings

1500mg of PURE ORGANIC Panax Ginseng in every serving. Far and away better than what you get with other brands, and a 2-month supply in every bottle to put more in your pocket while you increase your health.


Sourced from Korea from 6-year-old mature root, Zanapure 100% Organic Korean Red Panax Ginseng is the best premium quality ginseng you will find in the market. Our formula has the HIGHEST ginsenoside content we can provide. We bring you the best of modern science from an ancient adaptogenic root that has been highly valued for its ability to revitalize your body and mind

With Zanapure’s Korean Red Panax Ginseng you can achieve mental and physical stability as the healthy components combat stress, creating a more balanced and integrated system of health. Panax Ginseng enhances blood flow for smooth delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the body while promoting healthy biorhythm and give your body the support it needs. Panax Ginseng promotes healthy, glowing skin with anti-aging properties.