RAPID TONE ELITE | Advanced Weight Loss & Metabolism Boost | 30 servings

We included some of nature’s top contributors to weight loss. These ingredients are powerhouses in natural fat reduction, metabolism boosters, and appetite suppressants. And with Zanapure you get twice the amount of these crucial nutrients as competing products:

FORSKOLIN —- Has been shown to help decrease body fat percentage and fat mass, helps decrease weight gain and can help suppress the appetite

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA — in addition to burning fat, it helps control appetite and curb cravings while at the same time providing an energy and mood boost

GINSENG — superb energy and mood boost as well as boosting mental clarity, all around awesome

CLA — the active ingredient in CLA (hydroxycitric acid), a derivative of citric acid, has been shown to significantly help suppress extra fat accumulation, and that’s a major win!

Vitamin B12 — without enough of this vitamin the metabolism slows down, so we boost it up in Rapid Tone Elite, allowing your body to release its fat stores more efficiently and burn those calories

L-Carnitine—an amino acid that keeps your body from excessively storing fat, a natural appetite suppressant and fat burner